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May 2020 Cryptocurrency Market Overview

Kicking off May saw an explosive 30% increase in Bitcoin’s price in the 7 days lead up to the Bitcoin Halving, which took place on the 11th of May 2020. 🏆 Bitcoin’s fruitful price gains would come to a close with a sharp -13% price correction on the day of the halving – sobering up the markets while offering an.

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April 2020 Cryptocurrency Overview

We hope you’ve had a great month, and that you’ve made the best of South Africa’s lockdown! 🤠 As expected, April 2020 delivered on its promise as being an exceptionally unpredictable month for the world of cryptocurrency and beyond..  A brief recap of this month’s events: Since the start of April, Bitcoin’s up a whopping 43%, Ethereum’s up 69% &.

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